Replacing the Body

The time we have all been waiting for has come! The most interesting video you have ever seen. Ladies and gentleman it is time to reassemble our freshly painted Jeepster. This thing looks better than we could have even imagined!

Cleared and Buffed

Finished up with the clear coat on the body and buffed everything to a mirror finish. We also put a nice coat of bedliner on the inside of the tub to protect the floors and give it a modern JEEPster feel. The body of the Easter Jeepster is coming together nicely and we are looking forward to bringing this beauty back to life!

Body Paint

Nothing better than a FRESH coat of paint! After much debate we decided to go with this incredible Easter Egg Blue and we couldn't be more excited with how its coming along so far. Let us know what you think by following the link below to our facebook page!

Frame Before | Frame After

After dropping the frame we noticed it could use a little love. So we cleaned up all the rust and gave it a fresh coat of POR-15 Chassis Black and gave the engine a nice scrub. We also disassembled the engine to check the compression and rest the valves as well as replace all of the gaskets and fluids. We are definitely impressed with the results so far and look forward to presenting this as a completed project!

Dropping the Frame

Dropped the frame to prep the body panels and tub for the paint booth. While we were at it we gave the frame and engine a good cleaning and nice fresh coat of paint! We also cleaned up the tub and patched all of the rust holes that had formed over the years.

Jeepster tub rust.

The Breakdown

Most restores start with the breakdown right. So here it is:

  1. All chrome trim, parts and bumpers stripped and sent to get chromed.
  2. Compression has been checked and valves adjusted.
  3. Frame has been dropped out, cleaned of rust and repainted.
  4. New thermostats and belt installed.
  5. The tub has been stripped out, cleaned and repaired.
  6. Body panels have been repaired, sanded and repainted.
  7. Look forward to reassembly!
  8. Soon to come - A bright future for this newly restored Jeepster!