Big hopes. Bigger Dreams.

"You once were lost, but now you are found".

We have some big hopes for this forgotten 1954 Dodge Job Rated. An all original V8 engine that already runs smooth makes for a nice restoration project. The teardown process has begun for the full body makeover and we are confident that with some love, we can put some life back in this awesome machine!

Bed Restoration

After years of work and many more years of being weathered, the bed on this Dodge has sure taken a beating. We will be tearing it down to putting on some fresh boards to get many more years of use out of this truck!

Dodge job rated f150 Restoration to Barn mobile

Body Work and Paint

We knew this truck had been through alot after looking at the paint. On each side of the truck there was an advertisement for different service companys. Once the body is patched and all the holes are filled, we can start putting on fresh coats of paint!

Dodge bed paint

Interior Restoration

Stripped the inside of the cab out to repair any rust damage we could see and to help prepare for paint. Happy to see not alot of rust under here, but still a lot of work ahead nonetheless!